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Corn Plot Pricing

Plot Totals2 Rows4 Rows
Less than 1,000 plots$15.00$21.00
1001-2000 plots$14.00$20.00
2001 and over$13.00$19.00

Contract Trial Fees:

Corn Belt Locations

Information Services:

      • Site Maps

      • Yield-pounds/bushels per plot

      • Sample Moisture

      • Root Lodging 

      • Ear Drop

      • Final Population

      • Electronic Data Transfer

      • Precision Planters

Client Provides:

      • Proposed test sites

      • Seed packaged with Range/Row coordinates

      • Trial design for each location




TSI will design your test and package your seed from bulk for an additional fee of $1.00 per plot. A fee of $2.00 per plot may be assessed for filler plots. Data analysis available for an addition fee. All customers information and data collected is confidential. 

Billing: 75% due after planting, 25% due after data received by client. 

Prices Subject to Change without Prior Notice.

Soybean Plot Pricing

Plot Totals2 Rows4 Rows
Less than 1,000 plots$15.00$18.00
1001-2000 plots$14.00$17.00
2001 and over$13.00$16.00

Fees are based on existing TSI locations.


Locations subject to change without prior notice.




Wheat Plot Pricing

Plot Totals 
Less than 1,000 plots$16.00
1001-2000 plots$16.00
2001 and over$16.00